OLDART is an art gallery that offers for sale paintings that perceive the intuitous and emotional authentic values of the postmodern, modern and beyond these periods.

The gallery carries out research and documenting in the art field, putting its mark on the whole concept presented. Apart from important artists, special attention is given to lesser-known artists or high-value artists but not bearing a signature.

Through the eclectic style promoted, we try to help people look beyond material, to the world of emotions and energy and rediscover the spiritual side of life. This is how man can relive the emotions transmitted by the artist through his creation. Emotion, intuition and authenticity are the main values that make us choose an object for presentation and sale.

This is the only way to create a bridge between the artist’s emotion and the emotion of discovering things in the past. We offer for sale art pieces wearing patina or which have been restored with great care. In addition to the proper sale of our products, we also offer consulting, restoration and redecoration services.

We are strategically located in Arad, in the west of Romania, the gallery operating in an old factory, on an area of about 600 square meters. Being in a multicultural area, we have a wide openness to the European values and the authentic splendor of Romania. We also offer professional packing and shipping services, working with professional transport companies internationally.